Heart Heart Heart

The brand was founded in 2011. Its first desire: Create beautiful scarves.
Behind this simple will there is a colorful universe of remarkable patterns blending impertinence and the classic that blooms in each of its series.

Each piece is numbered, such as a artist’s proof, the collections are replaced by series. Iracema take on a scarf is that of a collectible object.
Heart Heart Heart is deeply inspired by Brazilian culture and its icons. The architect Lina Bo Bardi, one of the major names of Brazilian modernism, as well ad Christine Ufon, or Paola d’Orleans. Amazons of an exemplary elegance.

Heart Heart Heart has a singular identity and a discreet take on luxury. Iracema works only with noble materials like silk or Virgin Wool. All pieces are made in France or Italy. Bright colors, 3D effects and embroidery are always present as well as her love of nature - that comes from her childhood spent in Brazil. Palm trees, animals, insects take their place in each of her prints.

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