Flagpole Swim

Flagpole Swim is a New York-based luxury swimwear brand founded in 2013 by designers Megan Balch and Jaime Barker. The duo met while attending high school and quickly became inseparable, sharing a love for dance and the South Florida beach culture.

As young adults and avid beach-goers, Balch and Barker’s search for stylish and practical swimsuits that could handle the surf (or an impromptu lyrical performance) and stand out on the beach would be become the inspiration behind creating Flagpole Swim.

Using the best Italian fabrics and working hands on with artisan tailors in the heart of New York City's fashion district, Balch and Barker work with a curated team to create Flagpole Swim daily.
Combining beach life with city style, Flagpole Swim is designed to take you to the beach and carry you throughout the day and into the evening with flexible styles ready for every adventure in between.

Flagpole Swim is proudly made in NYC with Italian fabrics.

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